LED Lighting

LED Ceiling Lights for Timber Application

Lighting is often an afterthought for many homes and offices. However, if you’ve already installed an Austratus timber ceiling system you know the value in taking a design approach to every part of your property. LED ceiling lights are an elegant and integrated way to add sophistication and atmosphere to your home or office. Adding downlights in wooden ceilings can create a unique architectural statement. LED lights fit seamlessly into any of Austratus’ timber ceiling systems and designed to match the timber.

When adding lighting to your ceiling you don’t have to compromise on any of the design elements because we design and supply LED ceiling lights with a sleek aluminium profile. The connectors and adaptors are also customisable to suit your space so you won’t have to deal with any wayward wires or out-of-place switches.

Our LED ceiling lights provide enough illumination for boardrooms and offices while using a low voltage for energy efficiency.

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